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How We Started

THE WEB LAB started back in 2018 and although the business itself has not been in motion for long; I have. I was browsing on some of my favorite “BIG BOX” stores websites and realized how they really were not user friendly. I then begin to study the ART of web design and digital marketing and got the idea to aid small businesses with creating, revamping, branding, and publishing their websites and other digital services.
I noticed that many small businesses rely SOLELY on social media to promote their businesses and realized that these businesses were missing other customers… who believe it or not do not utilize social media. So, I keep my knowledge fresh on the newest digital trends to aid business owners gain more customers, more sales, and more personalized branding techniques, and thus THE WEB LAB was created. THE WEB LAB delivers professional, modern, affordable, and responsive web design, branding, and affiliate marking services to help businesses grow to their MAXIMUM level of capacity.

We Believe In Your For Your Business

We strive to listen to every client and provided clients with a questionnaire to ensure we capture the NEEDS & WANTS of our clients. 

You Have Time!


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